The Journey Begins

“[Calvin and Hobbes are playing Scrabble.]
Calvin: Ha! I’ve got a great word and it’s on a “Double word score” box!
Hobbes: “ZQFMGB” isn’t a word! It doesn’t even have a vowel!
Calvin: It is so a word! It’s a worm found in New Guinea! Everyone knows that!
Hobbes: I’m looking it up.
Calvin: You do, and I’ll look up that 12-letter word you played with all the Xs and Js!
Hobbes: What’s your score for ZQFMGB?
Calvin: 957.”
― Bill Watterson, Scientific Progress Goes “Boink”: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection

We meet every other Wednesday at Bagelz in Wakefield at 11am.

We are still looking for a weekly venue to host our evening meeting. If you have any recommendations in the NK/EG area, please let us know!

Registered NASPA member? Looking to play in a tournament?
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Hope you can join us!

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